Did you know that WordPress powers around 810 million websites on the Internet? Unfortunately, using it as a default platform may cause your website to get lost in the crowd of similar others. This is where one realises the value of a WordPress theme development company. It spices things up by curating elements like typography, codes, style sheets and graphics to create an individualised aesthetic and lend it the desired dose of freshness it deserves to capture the attention of potential customers.

As we move in to explore the role it plays in facilitating the success of its business clients, get ready to be amazed by the competitive advantage you can enjoy by turning to wordpress theme development specialists.

7 Solid Reasons Why Teaming up with a WP Theme Development Agency is Invaluable

WP theme is probably one of the most important aspects that a webmaster has to decide on when developing a website. It is also a key factor when making an impression on a site visitor. Customising it from a professional wordpress theme development company is highly recommended, and the underlying reasons are enclosed below: 

Branded presence

A specialist agency proficient in WordPress aligns organisation goals when customising the WP theme. It builds the theme, keeping in mind the objectives, vision and mission of the business without disrupting the consistency. This is how it creates a brand presence around the company.

Development times expedited

A cookie-cutter WP theme may seem more attractive as everything is served on the platter, whereas theme customisation requires starting from scratch. But it's worth taking up the challenges to make the themes your own. The outcome is an exclusive WP-powered website that is laser-focused on outcomes. Fret not about the time taken for customisation. As long as professionals competent in the CMS undertake the process, it will speed up and meet the anticipated deadline.


Customising a WP theme is not just limited to differentiating you from others in the niche but also converting it to an SEO-friendly site. Expect it to possess an improved architecture, prompt load times, better schema layout and more, resulting in better visibility of your website on SERP.

Better performance delivered

When a theme developer is involved, you can expect a modern WP theme with the best use of features and functionalities. Undoubtedly, it will outperform template-based ones. All this is possible due to customisation, whereby theme development trickles down to other aspects of web designing. The outcome is a quick-loading, responsive website compatible across various devices.

Customised themes are easy to update

In the presence of a WP specialist, you can rest assured that nothing will hamper your theme's performance. With every update cycle approaching, you will not worry about mounting redundancies. The WP theme developer will take the matter into his own hands and get the update ready to be installed. You only need to notify the person or the team in advance.

Security reinforced

A ready-made WP theme is more susceptible to general flaws. Resolving those issues takes time. A lot of them can be avoided through custom wordpress theme development. Since professionals specially curate it to fulfil business specifications, a client is less likely to encounter design or security problems. Plus, there is an advantage to having such specialists at your disposal. They will act instantly to eliminate security threats and address security issues immediately by releasing patches and updates.

Full-time support extended

Things may go haywire when you download a WP theme from the library. The same holds for circumstances when the purchase is from a third-party website. The worst part is that you may find yourself relying on external parties to resolve the problem. This scenario changes completely under the reins of a WP theme development agency. You will enjoy first-hand support and that too, instantaneously. WordPress.org or WordPress.com, regardless of choice, you will know there is someone to help you out.

Still Pondering Over the Need to Hire a Professional WP Theme Development Agency?

Even after all the reasons captured here, if you still do not feel the urge, consider the following perks:

  • A specialist introduces unique features, functionalities and designs to the WordPress theme to help you achieve a competitive edge.
  • Whether it's about inserting security patches, installing updates or fixing bugs, you will have a point of contact to resolve the technical issues.
  • You will enjoy making the most of your customised WP theme in terms of visibility, performance and security.
  • You can focus on other organisational matters with a specialist proficient in the CMS, taking responsibility for theme development.

We are sure you are convinced of the strategic advantages of approaching a WordPress expert from an agency. Harness all of them by staying in touch with a leading company in the UK.